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You're about to sell a building POOF, The buyers title research firm finds ECB violations !

You're about to begin renovations to your building and your Architect tells you their is a fine for an ECB violation that must be paid before the permit can be issued !

Have you ever had such an experience ? Chances are the answer is yes. About 5 years ago the City Council passed a law, which no longer requires summonses, to be served by a process server. This means your tenant(s) can now receive violations for their unlawful actions.  Upon receipt of Environmental Control Board ( ECB ) Violations a hearing date is usually set.  If no one attends the scheduled hearing, a default fine is awarded in favor of New York City.  The default fine ranges usually from $1000.00 to $2500.00. It is both time consuming and aggravating to reopen default judgements.    If you wish Friedman Associates II can represent you at any ECB hearing.  Sometimes ECB violations are written in error.  Proper research from Dept. of Bldg.'s, Fire Dept, & Dept. of Transportation records are essential.

Friedman Associates II , is now providing a needed service to the Real Estate Community.  This service is called " ECB WATCH " .

This is an overview of our service:

Once a month a search is performed on each building you request.  If any new ECB violations are issued a detailed report will be forwarded to you.  If no ECB violations are issued you will receive nothing.  The  one-month   interval allows you to place responsibility on tenants responsible for the infraction. 

Initially Friedman Associates II will conduct an in depth search into your building(s) records uncovering any and all ECB violations.  This initial research will be performed at no additional cost to you,  provided you select the  one-year   contract. 

Below is a listing by agency for one-month and one year per building contract rates:

Dept. of Bldg.                                                              $25.00 / $150.00
Dept. of Transportation                                              $40.00 / $400.00
Dept. of Sanitation                                                     $40.00 / $400.00
Fire Dept                                                                     $40.00 / $400.00
Dept. of Environmental Protection                           $40.00 / $400.00
Dept. of Housing                                                        $40.00 / $400.00 
Dept. of Health                                                           $40.00 / $400.00

These rates are based upon group discounts in that we will be researching many buildings for each visit to the particular agency.  Please do not hesitate to call or write us about ECB WATCH service.  Finding out about one ECB violation days after it's occurrence could save your company $1000's of dollars in fines.